“Over the years, there have been many presentations for Red Ribbon Week. Your program at Faith Middle School, Central High School and for the soldiers and civilians was one of the most engaging and informative sessions we have experienced. The adults in attendance were equally engaged and thrilled with the new and details information you provided. Your powerful story how drugs have affected your life captivated our students, soldiers and civilians from the beginning and held their attention until the very end . This speaks to the quality of information you provided, which was way beyond the usual “Just Say No”, and ”Drugs Can Kill” spiel”. 
-Gerry Warner
  Army Substance Abuse Program Manager
  Fort Benning, Georgia
“I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony Gonzales (Litarodi) professionally since 2008. He has been scheduled to speak to the youth group at Trinity Lutheran Church, share his testimony, and perform his music.  Anthony has shown to me that he is a very professional man, prompt and on time, and can always be depended upon to speak or perform. I have had the pleasure to hear Anthony’s testimony and it is heart wrenching and also very versatile and can be shared with any type of group. For example, Anthony has not only shared his testimony with our youth group but also for young men and women at “Rhema Community Development Center”. Anthony is also musically talented and his songs reach the kids and adults alike. I highly recommend him!”   
 -Ken Rodgers 
  Youth Minister Trinity Lutheran School
  Houston, TX.

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