School assemblies and presentations have been successful since 2004. I have been fortunate to work with many school districts and organizations in aiding our young people especially those who are high risk. Speaking and performing at the “Texas Behavioral Health Institute” at the Austin Convention Center for +2k leaders in attendance was one of the highlights of my career. Below are some of my songs with subject related materials that I perform after speaking. Please review the following information and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

(I do have a full mobile audio equipment setup available as well that could be utilized to help facilitate the event. Please ask for further details on this offer.)



  • Describes the environment in which he grew up in South East Houston while living with his mom.
    (age 14)
  • Making the decision to be successful in the music industry with his identical twin brother. (Dreaming Big)
    (age 16)
  • Experiencing the terminal illness of his mother and witnessing her passing away of Lupus in the hospital. (age 16 while in High school.)
  • Making the decision to not get discouraged or give up on his dreams as a negative reaction.
  • Tells the story how his twin brother Andrew was running towards drugs and alcohol to cope with the loss and how it led to his alcohol related car wreck that ended his life.
    (7 months after his mother passing on Good Friday morning)
  • Poses the question to the audience… “Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try to do good, bad things keep happening?”
  • Then describes the story of how he gave into a negative mind set after Andrew’s incident, went back to street rap and trying to fit in. Performing street rap opening up for mainstream artists, being on radio, winning awards, working at clubs, etc. (being a follower instead of being a leader)
  • Tells the last story of how making bad choices and letting bad influences lead him to having a heart attack in the back seat of this friends car. (Age 22.)
  • Closes out by sharing how he learned his lesson the hard way and changed his mindset to being a leader in the Houston Hip-Hop community. Shares brief recent successes of doing things the right way living above negative influences. He urges students to learn easy and maximize their potential. Currently lives in Houston, TX a husband and father of 5 beautiful children.


Inspirational Hip-Hop Session– all songs are original compositions
 Song-1 “No Love” Anti-Alcohol/Addiction message on how choosing your addiction is not showing love for yourself or anyone else. Story line is about someone who was driving under the influence of alcohol that killed an innocent bystander and now is facing prison time as a consequence.

Song-2 “Inspiration” Encouragement/Motivational message;focusing on the “behind the scenes”, “at home” struggles that the youth face everyday. From abuse to neglect and meeting them right where they are and encouraging them to Learn more, Dream more, Do more and Become more.

  Song-3 “Shake Loose” Anti-Violence/Anger Management message that focuses on resilience. Brings the up beat tempo to a comic assortment of situations where an individual could react in violence but instead decides to “shake Loose” and be the bigger person.

Event close out with Q and A time for students (5-7mins) total event duration approx. 45-50mins.

In Short you could say my presentations are summed up to…

    • Overcoming obstacles and the power of choices through sharing personal obstacles I had to face in my youth.
    • Being a teenager and dealing with tragic losses like my mother to lupus and identical twin brother to drinking and driving.
    • Perspectives on reacting to those situations, the right way versus the wrong way to react.
    • Once finished sharing stories I perform 3 inspirational hip hop songs related to the
    •  subject material.
    • Close presentation with question and answer session.
1. Students are encouraged to be leaders and not follow negative impulses and influences.
2. The importance of reacting the correct way to overcome obstacles and tragedy.
3. Live out their own story and dream to positively impact/collaborate with others in their communities.